I feel sorry for the stupid people who think Israel (or israil,the way those assholes say) are the “bad guys”.

Not when Hamas is controlling gaza. Not when Arabs steal photos from Syria,saying it’s from gaza.

I mean,just look at the difference. When Arabs comment on something,all you can read…

lol, you’re blaming hamas a lot. So, who was to blame before hamas was created? what’s your idiotic excuse for when Palestinians were being murdered before the creation of hamas? You feel sorry for the world for being on those peoples side who had to run away from their homes after a five minute warning? bitch, tell me what you would’ve packed if hitler was about to blow up your house with a five minute warning? what you would’ve done if hitler was in the media telling lies like israel is doing? It’s a pity that you people are using the same tactics hilter used on you to make yourself feel better. bye and fuck off. The only thing i hear from you and your supporters are blood thirsty comments, so yeah, we are going to curse you out too. zionist scumbag.


I love how you can find something wrong with the world as a whole, a battle that needs to be fought by everyone, and no one is willing to fight. No. They’re all just looking for someone to blame. One person to shoulder the wrongs of humanity as a whole. We are all terrorists to our own kind. That’s what is wrong with the world.

yes because I’m so rich and powerful I can definitely stop the genocide being committed by evil terrorists like ISIS.

Why Is this happening and why are people supporting them.






I am so sick of the “Poor Palestine, poor Muslims, poor Arabs” bullshit. Why the hell do people feel sorry for them? Because the people who support them are just as cruel as them. Blood thirsty. Heartless creatures who love to kill innocent people. If all of Islam decided to bomb all over America…

I just feel sorry for your misunderstanding so much. Go kill some more kids at the beach and call it self-defense. Go destroy their water tanks, and take away their only supply of electricity and call it self-defense. People like you sicken me to the point of feeling sorry for you. You zionist are too far gone to even correct. I truly am sorry.

Really? Do people just go willing kill kids at beaches? Calling it self-defense? Your logic is so poor its sad. Your opinion is wrong and invalid. Simple as that.

No PEOPLE don’t go willing and killing kids in beaches. It’s Israel and zionists who do that.

Um nope? I don’t think so. Zionists don’t just go freely killing kids, nor does Israel. Get your facts straight. And I feel sorry for YOU. Since you are pretty much brainless and can’t see the truth and realize you are supporting the wrong side. I truly do feel sorry for you.

and Yet it’s already proven and you still ignore the facts. bye